issue four: suck
february, twenty thirteen.

oh my god it’s like holly woodlawn from trash… it isn’t. oh no it definitely is and she’s here in this issue of powder… it’s all too much.

it’s the suck issue and well it’s all like a trail of glittering powder cast over the glowing moon. suck… i just love it; heavenly lips smeared with scarlet.

and well luscious red lips are so holly woodlawn…

warhol superstar, screen siren, cabaret performer, holly plucked her eyebrows on the way… and she speaks with little old me. what a conversation it was, i won’t ruin it… check it.

we chill with abcnt, los angeles street artist whose staggering images slap you into recognition of a fair few social issues that shall we say suck… his business bandit and other images will leave you agasp in the gallery of his works.

cate lewis, of the australia western sahara association, and i discuss the situation in the western sahara today and the hardships and displacement suffered by the saharawi people.

whilst thomas o’bryan of the western sahara campaign has written a report on the need for human rights monitoring in the region.

it’s a huge shout out of solidarity to the saharawis from powder.

freestylee, michael thompson, is back again and this time with his stunning reggae posters… he’s got a vision and it’s the vision of the reggae hall of fame.

oh and there’s a flood of reggae posters being submitted right now to the international reggae poster contest.

co-founder of the contest, maria papaefstathiou, also joins powder with her poster collection travel greece, drawing attention to the harsh austerity measures greece is facing.

we chat with shanley knox who’s doing amazing things with her social enterprise the nakate project. they’re delivering ugandan fashion accessories to the west empowering the female artisans in the process.

on the fashion side of the equation we take a walk through the stylish streets of beijing with stylites.

the suck by indian road romeo, gopal ms, displays the heavy side of work on the road while rock photographer in raptis takes us through the gritty streets of melbourne in clandestine manifesto.

flowing words like cola sucked through a straw this issue… louise carter’s oh so haunting succubus. wordsmith delgado made me fall off my seat in paleta de asfalto. nimmy joshi joins powder with some trickling words from the sub continent in the dead summer afternoon.

abe takes us through some strange terrain in a small, southern town in mexico while vinny is causing some trouble in the land of the red flag. And could someone tell me just what the hell paulina is on about?

and all of this is for you my dear creature.

you… yes, you and only you, that’s who we at powder have done this for.

you’re so ravishing in my eyes. i dream of you often and i dream of you fiercely. and well honey, i’ve just got to say that this love i feel for you is undying…