issue fourteen: euphoria.
march, twenty fourteen.

oh my, oh my, oh my, am i feeling euphoric over this issue of powder my sweet, sweet nothings. like the blood is coursing through my veins with extra elated cells that have been drinking at the well of bliss that overfloweth in the dainty pounding chamber that is my love muscle… tis pounding for you baby.

mmm, hmmm, this is the euphoria issue, like big time… you know all those feelings that make you so up… that’s what we’re talking about this powder and that’s what the content conveys.

talking ecstatic… um rapturous, hot like bubble gum grrrls.

sugar plum blossom it’s all here, just check out how pink dress is jumping for joy on the cover shot, hot. that hana haley she can take a pic or two and all those lovely subjects, well they seem a tad upbeat.

i mean what makes you feel euphoric hun, besides powder? i love hello kitty and pashing on and super strong vodka drinks with red cordial and pills that make you go bang.

so i like spoke to smc3 this time who’s like totally the gas, and me and matt siren discussed his ghost girls which was fab.

not everything’s a walk in the pink champagne though, there’s an interview about the sengwer peoples who are having their houses burnt down in western kenya because the govt is trying to turf them out of their own homelands. and powder caught up with polly higgins to discuss the international law of ecocide and how it could help us before we all end up underwater.

there’s gorgeous photos from that mr nutter, keishikibi captures stunning fashion from sydney, aleksandra v my, my she always does if for me, there’s some unsettling shots from jeff liu and then we’ve got some from ms melissa methamphetamine and i think she’s just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous…

words, i mean what without? bizzaro tales from ms tron, tip my hat to the verse of delgado, while carter gives us some sweet, fuck, tongue and veras makes some heavy deliberations.

and how can the ultimate in street art not make you feel positively ecstatic. zap give us a seventies psychedelic eyewash, sid tapia with some damn fine graffiti graphics, the yees trip us out manga-style and lilyluciole, i love her, she’s back with a beautiful collaboration.

all in all it’s a super-pumped mainlining issue. so precious, why don’t you bring it over here a little closer and let’s see what happens. seriously, i find you so dismissive at times. i see you there in the bar or in a back alley and when i’m just hanging there acting all like nonchalant that’s my call to you… i’m saying like over here silly. oh well next time i guess… enjoy the powder in the meantime.