mescaline mistake

gina tron

My first year of college. It was a year full of 2,209 stupid mistakes. This is a beautiful story is describing one of them. When I moved to Montreal from a small town, I went crazy. Too much freedom. Too much socialization.

My roommate and I had been going out drinking every night. All we really did in terms of partying was drink and smoke weed. We tried ecstasy for the first time and we were really mature about the decision. We informed ourselves all we could about what ecstasy was and how to be safe about taking it. All the sensationalized 20/20 episodes about candy necklaces being a necklace full of E pills really got to our heads. How can we drink enough water as to not die? How will we make sure that we don’t drink too much water as to not die?

We promised ourselves that after trying ecstasy, if we liked it, we would wait at least a month before doing it again. But we liked it so much we went out searching for it again the very next day. And instead of going through trusted friends like we did 24 hours prior, we asked the drug dealers at Dunkin' Donuts for it. I’m pretty sure that every Dunkin' Donuts across North America has a drug dealer in it.

The dealers didn’t have any ecstasy. They just had weed and mescaline. We figured we should try the mescaline. We learned later that street mescaline in Montreal is nothing more than shitty PCP. We brought the bag of white powder home and prepared to party. Before that we stopped by the grocery store and bought some Nerds candy ice cream. There were pink and purple swirls with pieces of Nerds candy mixed in.

We assumed that one bag of “mescaline” was one dosage for one person, at once. So we figured we would be frugal and just do half a bag each. At once. We didn’t check this fact out anywhere. I don’t even know where this assumption came from. Not that the internet didn’t exist. I’m not that old. It did. We just neglected to look at it.

We dumped the bag out onto my roommate’s desk and started cutting fat lines. I must have snorted 8 of them. Soon we were both on the floor laughing. But that laughter soon shifted to intense head throbbing and extreme discomfort. Not long after that, we were both running to the moldy bathroom shared by all the girls on the floor. When I threw up I saw the nerds in the vomit. I laughed, internally, for a few seconds. But I wasn’t feeling well enough to actually laugh.

We told a mutual friend what we did over the phone. He did a quick Google search for what a typical dosage should be for a single adult.

“You guys are idiots,” he yelled. “You technically overdosed. What is wrong with you?”

He came over and laid on the floor and watched over our idiot spell.

I wasn’t closing my eyes but I was seeing snow filled roads in front of me.

“Left. Right. Now go straight.”

I directed the driver of the car or whatever it was of where to turn. It drove all around a decrepit city in my mind, but it never reached any kind of destination.


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