the multitude’s eternal clap

mattias tello

We all saw the oblivion
We all embraced it
We all fought for our ladies
We all died.
The only path we had to choose was the one to Massive Mental Origami
Rolling per Graves seeking a smoke
Some of us seeking for coffee
Or books.
Our way to find everything we’re looking for
Is walking around the desert halls
Wondering why the world is like that.
Why there are buildings immensely tall,
Why is the oil scatting through those non-suicide nor-younger minds?

I wanna see the sunrise in Vermont
Lighting a smoke, thinking on my mother
Listening the multitude’s eternal claps that come to me
And that I hear but do not recognize,
so I watch the south of the moon.
The moon
The moon is white, they said
And it is not made of cheese
But my friends keep thinking about it
And we all saw the moon
We saw the conquers’ soup in a crater of the moon.
The crater wasn’t white
It wasn’t blue,
But I was
And I put my hand in the air and the teacher back then
Made me leave the classroom

I saw several islands named after Santiago
Joined by trains that ride the ocean
Fearing, hearing the cataclysm’s rumor rising from the whirlpool
You, my lady, were shaking in the old farm with two beds
We hugged
And we both agreed we should sleep together
Your deep eyes hoping me to say
Everything is going to be ok
That I would die before anything happens

In the bus back home
I was asking god to make it quick
For you don’t take me as
A liar.

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