violet chachki

violet chachki is the most stunning drag queen not only on the atlanta scene but we’re talking all round. she’s quite new to the scene but she’s been causing a stir, which you’ll think is no surprise when you catch her… that’s if you haven’t already. she takes the stage like no other and when she’s there your eyes can’t look anywhere else. one of the stars of the legendary children photo exhibition and just the most divine temptress… that’s violet for you.
interview with i.t.a.

oh my, my, my, i’m certainly getting a little hot under the collar and mind you this doesn’t usually happen at every interview but today i’m welcoming violet chachki to powder.

thanks for taking the time out to speak with us violet and might i say i’m completely enraptured.

anyways to begin, i’d just like to ask you firstly... what led you down that back alley to the drag scene? what made you want to take to the stage?

I've always had a serious interest in fashion. I started collecting pieces of women's clothing I found to be interesting or unique. It was a natural progression that I started to wear them out. The first time was Halloween about 4 years ago, I went as Mary Kate Olsen. I went to Catholic school my entire life, so there were always strict gender specific rules and uniforms. Drag became a way for me to rebel and live in a fantasy world. Burlesque performance is really what motivated me towards a stage!

your name, such a name, violet chachki… what’s the story behind that?

The name Violet comes from the movie "Bound" Jennifer Tilly plays a sexy money hungry lesbian rocking Christian Louboutins and Chanel. I loved how devious and mysterious her character was, also i cant get enough of her raspy voice. The word "Chachki is the slang spelling of the yiddish word "tchotchke" its a small object that is decorative rather than strictly functional; a trinket.

and for those readers who haven’t caught one of your shows as yet, what can they expect from you? which are your favorite numbers that you perform?

I'm really intrigued by classic burlesque with a modern twist. I think there can be so much beauty and style in a strip tease. So much excitement in a costume reveal and being sexy is just plain fun! Incorporating classic burlesque ideals with classic drag performance creates a whole new type or performance. Lately I've also been fascinated with the circus arts, mainly with Ariel silks.

recently you did a show with kryean kally called gagged. what was all that about? and do you have a special penchant for gag balls?

Kryean is my best friend. We wanted to throw a party with a fetish theme, to bring a different kind of taboo event to the surface.The nightlife scene here has been needing a revival for quite some time. Gagging is a term used in the drag community for when someone is speechless usually in regards to aesthetics so its a slight play on words. That and I just love balls!

who are your influences both in the drag scene and outside of it? which performers drove you to take the stage?

I have a wide range on influences. Bettie Page, Lady Miss Kier, Dovima, Rupaul, Leigh Bowery, Dita Von Teese, Thierry Mugler are all people that inspire me in all aspects of drag whether it be performance, aesthetics, or their perseverance.

your make up is always the bomb, violet. how the hell did you learn to apply so goddamned well?

Thank you! I'm lucky to have started drag when I did. There is so much information out there I learned from watching other people, either videos on the web or in person. Taking different techniques and styles and applying them to my own face. It’s a constant ever-changing process, which is partly why it appeals to me!

so you’re hot on the atlanta scene at the mo. are you from there originally or how did you hit the town in the first place?

Yes mam! Born and raised Georgia peach!

you were part of the atlanta legendary children photo exhibition this year. what do you think about the exhibition itself and how was your experience being a part of it?

Well other than everyone in the city seeing my goodies, it was such a beautiful exhibit that all of us artists have been working on for months. Walking around the actual space with my fellow queens and looking at all the work side by side was so special. I am so honored to be apart of this generation of artists.

you appeared in a movie, last vegas. how’d you find yourself in that role and what was it like?

It was really interesting to work with such big names and to get a glimpse of how the movie industry works. I got to kiss Kevin Kline on the cheek!

at the moment, what are you up to? where are you performing? what have you got coming up?

Right now I'm just working on more photo shoots and video shoots! Kryean and I are planning the next Gagged event. Planning a trip with all of the Legendary Children artists to Savannah in January. Tryna make some coins in the process! So keep on the look out for ya girl!

oh violet, this has certainly been one of the most ecstatic chats of my life. really you’re the most gorgeous queen on the block and i hope to trip up near you some time soon. thanks for speaking with us at powder.



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