holly woodlawn

as lou sang: holly came from miami f-l-a.

holly woodlawn, warhol superstar, has done them all. starred in the flicks, cabaret, hung out with andy, heck she almost got nominated for an oscar but they didn't know which category to put her in... and how damn hot does she look in that silk screen beside.    interview with i.t.a.

oh my, i'm blushing... it's so glorious to be speaking to you holly woodlawn and might i add that everyone here at powder thinks you're fabulous. thank you for gracing us with your presence.

Likewise, I’m sure… I just adore Aussies. They’re so hunky.

so what have you been up to lately in west hollywood?

I'm rehearsing right now for a show this weekend in downtown LA. A cabaret show at a superclub where they filmed the movie The Artist and I'm exorcising my tits off...

we're such big fans of the warhol movies you starred in, trash and women in revolt. what was it like on the set? and what was joe like?

First of all they were not Warhol movies. They were Paul Morrissey movies, he directed them, created them, filmed them and otherwise we were left to do our own thing. Andy just produced them. And as far as Joe is concerned, he couldn't have been more of a gentleman, he had just had a baby boy, and my boyfriend was on the set all the time anyway... Jane Forth was in the nude scenes with Joe... Joe and I are still friends, as well as Paul.

i guess you just have to ask this when interviewing holly woodlawn... how did the beer bottle scene in trash come to be?

Same old fucking questions... only kidding. Well my dears... the bottle was just polished off by moi and since Joe was supposed to be a junkie and couldn't get it up, Paul Morrissey thought it would be funny for me to use it as a dildo and that my dears, is how the beer bottle scene came to be, who'd have ever thought as a serious actress I’d be forever known for that scene?

our resident agony aunt paulina noir is dying for me to ask you how you came to meet andy and what was he like in person?

I met Andy at a party at the Factory... After a screening of Flesh, starring Candy Darling and Jackie Curtis.

He was asked to be introduced to me... My first thought of Andy was his skin was so white and I thought that wig was yak hair!!

Anyway, the first words to me were "You're so glamorous."

I said, "Thank you."

He said "What's your name?"

I said "Holly."

He said "Do you have a last name?" and i said "No, but I will by the next time you see me!"

and the rest is history...

And you can read about it in my book A Lowlife in High Heels.

you hung out at max's kansas city back in the day... of the people you met back then which ones stand out?

Well… God, there were so many people. One that really stands out was the night I had a tryst with Jim Morrison of the Doors... need I say more?

you travelled from Miami to New York when you were young and you had to hitchhike a lot of the way. What was the most memorable thing that happened to you on the way?

The night I was hit by lightning in Georgia, we were getting out of the rain and I went to get a Coke... The Coke machine was hit by lightning, and the manager of the motel we were checked into gave us a free room because she thought we would call the cops or something and she gave us a free room, and that was the night I shaved my legs and plucked my eyebrows ... and the colored girls went doo ta doo ta doo (ha ha ha!!!)

hitting the streets of new york city at such a young age, what was that like?

It was scary... exciting... You're 15 years old in a big city... And I actually thought the sidewalks were paved with glitter, that was one of my first impressions... But it was mica, which is what they used in the mixture of cement ... Dorothy had the Emerald City and I had New York... So I thought?

you've been doing cabaret shows for years; most recently you did an international tour in two thousand and eight. when you're working your cabaret show's what are the songs that you like to deliver the most?

You're the Top, Special, Princess Papouli's Papaya, and Walk on the Wild Side.

you have an astonishing fashion sense holly... are there any make up
products that you simply must have?

Oh that's a loaded question... I have gorgeous lips as the world knows... So I wouldn't leave the house without my cocksucker-red lipstick of my NARS Holly Woodlawn Lip-gloss from the NARS Andy Warhol Superstar Collection, go get some! It's fabulous!

you've been magnificent in quite a few movies over the last years. what have been the highlights?

Thank you, I want to continue working and making audiences happy.

In the 1970's, we were trying to bring back silent movies so we created a film called Broken Goddess - order it from my website and I will personally kiss a copy for you with my cocksucker-red lipstick, it's a gorgeous film and it has played at film festivals the world over.

and lastly how will you be spending your days in the coming months?

You mean aside from searching for hot men on Christian Singles dot com?

I am bringing my show to New York, get ready New York City! I'll be performing at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, May 17th – 42nd Street and 9th Avenue.

And I’m looking forward to coming to Australia... Let's get me Down Under, honey you won’t be sorry... I’m dying to flush the toilet!

thanks for speaking with us holly here at powder... and personally it's been an honour to have conversed with a superstar such as you.

Gracias, the pleasure was all mine. Told you I loved Aussies!

Can't wait to see you in person, at last!

Kiss kiss… throw another shrimp on the barbie cuz Holly's packed and coming…

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super star silkscreen by matt mascaro

the paradise room by jarry lang

holly wearing schiaparelli - switzerland by robert coddington

holly in hotel by robert coddington